Our Mission

Bringing people & places closer and happier each day through care and love. We will keep adding value to our guests, employees, partners and investors every single day.

Our Vision

Helping create a World that is One Family by adding ‘more home’ and less hotel with every single stay.

The UMIL Culture & Service Philosophy

For us, “You’re the One”.
Centred around the core belief of “You’re The One”, we respect each individual’s uniqueness and look at the world through their eyes. This makes it easy to create distinct & cherished experiences. At UMIL, we equally value our guests, partners, owners and our team, putting the “You” in front of everything we do.

Our Values

– Unconditional acceptance and welcome to all, irrespective of any differences. We respect your uniqueness

Integrity – Transparency borne out of genuine caring. With it naturally comes accountability in all our actions.

Caring – Ensuring that you are never away from home each moment you spend with us. We take it very personally.

Earthy – Nothings beats a life & style spent in harmony with Nature. Our actions are rooted to our values and responsibility to the environment.