Unique Growth Strategies for the Hospitality Domain

As managers of international brands with unique positionings in the Indian market since 2012,  our diverse & distinct domain strengths as hotel owners, hotel operators, brand owners and asset managers can be yours too. With possible synergy, we can thrive.

For Investors – A Unique Hospitality Proposition

As a young and unique house of hospitality with owned & managed brands and growing, our offering is special, and so are the opportunities available.

Our team, which brings the “You are the One’ experience across all our brands each day is our biggest asset. As an early adopter to the cutting edge technologies that aid hospitality management and marketing seamlessly integrated into our daily operations, it brings a significant efficiency in UMIL’s operations. This also means that we are able to embrace better technologies when they become available, winning more hearts and footfalls through these online efforts.

Across upcoming and existing properties at the most sought-after locations, working with the latest technologies, our unique team brings a winning combination in hospitality that few can match in value.

To UMIL, our investors- be it professional or non-professional to the hospitality domain, are also unique partnerships that underline that right fit of vision & wealth, working together in the most meaningful way. And a growing one at that.

With our extended network and unique international brands, we are opening up in upcoming destinations, always favouring markets with high potential.

As we love saying, we thrive on building and nurturing unique relationships. And this holds true with us across our team, our valued guests, our business partners and our investors.  We are careful to always ensure that each of these relationships is meaningful, warm and worth the time & investment – be it emotional or otherwise.

Interested in investing in a unique relationship with a young & daring hospitality brand? A unique one that prides in its team & technology busy creating the future of hospitality now. Please get in touch at info@umilhotels.com